PHOTO: Denise Newton

WE LOVE DANCE ______________THIS MUCH.

Movement Forum (aka MoFo) was created in 2003 as a means to investigate the use of dance improvisation as a performance art. As the longest-running professional improvisational dance company in Utah, Movement Forum is a dynamic group of performers who present intelligent, contemporary dance with an honesty and wit that is realized through the spontaneity of improvisation. Its company consists of highly diverse individuals with various interests, trained in classical and contemporary dance forms, with a range of collegiate, professional, and teaching experience both nationally and internationally.  The company is celebrating it's 11 year, right now!  Wow. We surprise ourselves sometimes. 

COME SEE US DANCE in MUDSON on MARCH 17th, 7:30 pm, MASONIC TEMPLE.  More info here.

PHOTO: Denise Newton

Hailed by Utah's beloved City Weekly Magazine as the dance company with the “Best UnChoreography”, MoFo likes to think it can mess with the best of em' here in SLC.

PHOTO: Danell Hathaway

MoFo is committed to providing  a wide array of residency and performance activities including master classes in improvisation, composition,

lecture/demonstrations, and performances.


PHOTO: Erik Isakson

The company offers an opportunity to experience the thrill of movement by hosting monthly, open to the public improvisational jams.